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Not just a restaurant, but an experience

Moti Mahal is a decades-old hospitality chain known for its delectable North Indian cuisine. With our delectable dishes and exceptional service, we have catered for nearly five decades in the hospitality industry. Tandoori chicken cooked in the radiant heat of the tandoor, fragrant and flavoured by the smoke rising from the hot coals, Gujral's version- with crispy skin and a recognisable bright red exterior- became an enormous success worldwide.

The culinary offerings at Moti Mahal promise its patrons a one-of-a-kind gastronomic journey that captures the grandeur of centuries-old traditions while combining them with modern cooking techniques. The three wizards of Moti mahal - Tandoori Trail, Iconic Curries, and Progressive Modern Cuisine- aim to recreate the erstwhile culinary traditions, offering a truly gastronomic adventure for connoisseurs.

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Our Philosophy

More than a decade after its inception, Moti Mahal's success is still driven by its adherence to its core values, which are to provide the highest quality food, great flavour, visual variety, and excellent value for money. Moti Mahal is an experience, not just a restaurant. Today, we maintain a classic traditional menu based on traditional recipes with an inherent understanding of fine-tuning, tuned to 21st century tastes. Our food aims to both comfort and inspire our diners' demanding palates.


We are present in over 120+ locations across the country. Moti Mahal's success has been driven by its adherence to its core values, which are to deliver the highest quality food, to offer great flavour, visual variety, and excellent value for price.

Capturing hearts globally

The aroma of curries and authentic tandoori spreads around the world. Since 1920, our artist chefs have been combining passion and taste to bring your culinary fantasies to life, allowing you to enjoy the unrivalled butter chicken and dal makhani. We have taken our rich flavours beyond Indian borders, from the smoke of grills to the sizzle of dishes, and our brands continue to capture the hearts of global audiences.

Unique dining experience

Moti Mahale tantalise your taste buds with a variety of delectable treats. The best chefs in the world prepare the most imaginative Indian culinary traditions. When you visit Moti Mahal restaurant, you are on the verge of an exquisite culinary adventure.






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What started as a road side dhaba in Delhi, is now a growing sensation throughout the country. Known for its delectable cuisine, Moti Mahal serves authentic North Indian cuisine. Having won multiple awards over the years for its palatable food, Moti Mahal continues to be the most visited restaurant across India.

At Moti Mahal, the FOCM franchise model is followed. This means the Moti Mahal franchise includes all day-to-day operations, including management, which will fall under our purview. It will be our responsibility to ensure that internal processes run smoothly, ensuring a profitable venture and reducing your burden. Running a moti mahal restaurant franchise will be as simple as having a meal in a restaurant.

We want to make certain that you are not involved in any of the tedious aspects of running a restaurant. Our goal is for you to sit back, relax, and watch your Restaurant or Cafe run itself. To accomplish this, we will manage operations, which include day-to-day operations, marketing, Staff Management, Quality control, and Generating Maximum Profit. Get ready to be a part of a Moti Mahal restaurant franchise, a world-class franchise system, and a legacy by choosing Moti Mahal restaurant franchise since 1920.

Moti Mahal Franchise Cost Depends on the city, location and Concept. The factors determine the Franchise cost. So post a site visit we determine the Franchise cost. Moti Mahal restaurant Franchise Fees is India is charged one time period of 9 years of the Franchise term.

With plans for exponential growth, state capitals and tier 2 cities remain our key area of focus. We have partnered with enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have associated with us as our franchisees. We are looking for enthusiastic and desirous people across the country who intend to build their success story with us.

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