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At Moti Mahal, the FOCM franchise model is followed. This means the Moti Mahal franchise includes all day-to-day operations, including management, which will fall under our purview. It will be our responsibility to ensure that internal processes run smoothly, ensuring a profitable venture and reducing your burden. Running a restaurant will be as simple as having a meal in a restaurant.

We want to make certain that you are not involved in any of the tedious aspects of running a restaurant. Our goal is for you to sit back, relax, and watch your Restaurant or Cafe run itself. To accomplish this, we will manage operations, which include day-to-day operations, marketing, Staff Management, Quality control, and Generating Maximum Profit. Get ready to be a part of a Moti Mahal restaurant franchise, a world-class franchise system, and a legacy by choosing Moti Mahalsince 1920.

Our goal is to make Moti Mahal Delux Restaurant Franchise one of the top fine dining destinations in the nation. While improving the culinary experience for our clients, we are dedicated to maintaining the originality of our food. In keeping with our renowned history, we strive to deliver a gastronomic delicacy that goes above and beyond. Our franchising concept is built to provide our franchisees with all the help and support they need to succeed in the market.

Our franchise fee is meticulously calculated, in accordance with industry norms, and taking into account elements like area footage and current food court trends. We want to make sure that prospective partners may take advantage of and access our franchise opportunity. We welcome anyone who are interested in learning more about our fine-dining restaurant to visit our official website, where they can discover all the required information.

We hope to expand our reach across the country and beyond by using our expertise in tandoori cuisine and a solid foundation in Indian gastronomy. By spreading the word about Moti Mahal's delectable cuisine and distinctive dishes, such as the well-known butter chicken, we want to reach a larger audience.

Moti Mahal
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Outright management and operation of regular activities.

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Autopilot mode- watch your business flourish.

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We handle everything from location planning to vendor management to quality control.

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Why Choose a Moti Mahal Restaurant Franchise?

A Legacy of 104+ Years

By choosing the Moti Mahal Restaurant Franchise, you will be a part of the legacy that Mr. Kundan Lal Gujral started. With a remarkable 104-year history, Moti Mahal has established itself as a respected and dependable name in the culinary industry. Since its opening in 1920, Moti Mahal has earned a reputation for its signature dishes, first-rate service, and dedication to culinary perfection. Choosing a Moti Mahal franchise means becoming a part of a brand that has withstood the test of time and earned enormous respect and affection.

120+ restaurants all over the world

Having been around for over 104 years, Moti Mahal is a well-known brand. We have built a group of more than 100 restaurants with a significant market presence. As a brand, we are extending not just our presence in India but also breaking into other markets. Franchise opportunities with Moti Mahalare appealing if you want to be a part of a reputable and well-known business. Our franchising model upholds the principles that have made Moti Mahal a household brand, including close attention to detail, painstaking preparation, and exquisite taste. In addition to the flagship Moti Mahal, we also offer additional brands, such as MM Cafe China Wall and Moti Mahal Barbecues, each of which offers a distinctive experience and taste.

Full support and training

We at Moti Mahal are dedicated to offering our franchise partners complete assistance and thorough training. You will receive complete support in every facet of the business. We will walk you through the complexities of managing a successful franchise, from management to day-to-day operations

Our franchise concept has been carefully created, taking into account the unique difficulties and demands of our franchise partners. We are committed to helping you at every stage of the process since we recognise how intimidating entering the restaurant business may be. We pay close attention to every detail, whether we're assisting you with square footage planning or offering suggestions for increasing gross sales.

Simple and scalable

Moti Mahalis an already established brand. In addition to this, we will handle everything from location planning to vendor management and quality control. thus, offering you 100% methodology to scale your business. Plan a scalable business by choosing the Moti Mahalfranchise.
A Top restaurant franchise in India.

Entrepreneurial opportunity

Be your own boss by getting the Moti MahalFranchise. You can now start a business with less investment and high ROI opportunities.

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Stages of the Moti Mahal Franchise

Stage 1: Planning

  1. Site identification and location study
  2. Concept planning, like cuisines to offer
  3. A market survey of existing restaurants in the city
  4. Architectural designing, which includes civil, HVAC, furniture, and bar designing,
  5. Kitchen Planning includes MEP (mechanical, electrical, and Plumbing).
  6. Adding ventilation and exhaust in the kitchen
  7. Providing contractors with cost-efficient rates
  8. Purchasing Kitchen equipment, including crockery, cutlery, and utensils
  9. Hardware and software
  10. Finalizing all interior furniture, wall fixtures, ceiling design, and Mood Lighting
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Stage 2: Pre-Operation

  1. Vendor Management: As per product specifications and purchase contracts
  2. Staff Recruitment & Training: Trained chefs who are fully capable of making authentic Moti Mahal food will be hired for the 'Tandoor' section & 'Indian Curry' section
  3. Food Menu Planning and Pricing: Moti Mahal is known as the inventor of Tandoori cuisine and Dal Makhani. A proper menu with authentic Moti Mahal selections will be fabricated for the people to savour.
  4. Beverages: A set bar menu with the latest mock-tails & cocktails with an industry-standard brewery.
  5. Licensing: Managing formalities and liaisoning support for liquor and food licences
  6. Tie-ups: When you buy the Moti Mahalfranchise, we will help you with tie-ups with Zomato and other delivery platforms.
  7. Staff Training: with portioning of the platters
  8. Food Trials: Organising food trials for limited guest
  9. Launch: Soft launch & press conference
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Moti Mahal Franchise

1. Online Application

Simply go to our website and open the application to submit an application for a Moti Mahal franchise. You may learn more about our franchise concept and the potential by completing the Fine Dine restaurant form.

2. Response

Our Team will get in touch with you and brief you about our brand along with our brand presentation.

3. Site Visit

By analyzing the location and city, we undertake a detailed analysis of site feasibility and market research. Additionally, we offer thorough support to walk you through the Moti Mahalmodel and assist you in launching your Moti Mahal franchise.

4. Approval and inauguration

After approval, the Moti Mahal Restaurant franchisee is sanctioned, and we will build your dream franchise business.

Moti Mahal Franchise Cost in India

Moti Mahal Franchise Cost Depends on the city, location and Concept. The factors determine the Franchise cost. So post a site visit we determine the Franchise cost. Moti Mahal Franchise Fees is India is charged one time period of 9 years of the Franchise term.

Site development:

In order to build the site, suppliers must be chosen for a variety of items, including the kitchen, ventilation system, dishes, cutlery, glasses, cooking utensils, consistent hardware, and signs, and the project must be carried out as planned. To guarantee the highest standards of quality are met for every stage of the site's development, we carefully choose and work with dependable vendors.

Advertising and marketing

To maximize the advantages for our franchise partners, we give excellent marketing and promotion tactics top priority before launching new Moti Mahal outlets. In order to build buzz and raise awareness about the new shop, we run targeted marketing efforts. We intend to draw a sizable consumer base and make a significant impression straight away by effectively advertising the opening.

Franchisee models available with us

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Be a Part of 104+ Years of Legacy

Get a Moti Mahal Restaurant Franchise

What started as a roadside dhaba in Delhi is now a growing sensation throughout the country. Known for its delectable cuisine, Moti Mahal serves authentic North Indian cuisine. Having won multiple awards over the years for its palatable food, Moti Mahal continues to be the most visited restaurant across India. We also offer Moti Mahal restaurant and bar franchises for enthusiastic individuals.

With plans for exponential growth, state capitals and Tier 2 cities remain our key areas of focus. We have partnered with enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have associated with us as our franchisees. We are looking for enthusiastic and desirous people across the country who intend to share their success stories with us.

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Moti Mahal Restaurant Franchise

Are the Moti Mahal franchise and the Moti Mahalfranchise the same?

It's true that the brands "Moti Mahal franchise" and "Moti Mahalfranchise" are synonyms. These phrases are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to the Moti Mahal franchise opportunity. The Moti Mahal Restaurant offers a basic and efficient franchise concept, making it simple to comprehend and convenient for potential franchisees.

How much profit can I earn with the Moti Mahal franchise?

The Moti Mahal franchise's potential for profit might differ based on a number of variables, including the location of the franchise, its operational efficiency, its marketing strategies, the level of local competition, and the dynamics of the Indian food industry. A detailed analysis of the particular franchise opportunity and the Indian food business is necessary in order to significantly succeed in the tandoori cuisine industry.

Is the Moti Mahal restaurant franchise profitable?

Franchises for Moti Mahal restaurants may be profitable, but real financial success will depend on a number of things. Profitability is greatly influenced by the franchisee's ability to run the company efficiently. The committed staff at Moti Mahal Restaurant provides continual training and assistance to guarantee that high standards for cuisine and service are maintained while also satisfying the unique requirements of regional markets. Additionally, we place a high priority on providing our franchisees with an excellent operational system that enables flawless running, basically putting the outlet on autopilot and giving the franchisee peace of mind.

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