The Himalayan Yeti

As vast are the Himalayan Ranges so vast is the ‘Himalayan Food’ which covers plethora of different cuisines from different regions and cultures situated on the Himalayas.

The Himalayan Yeti brings its own unique culture which is a drooling mix of Nepali, Bhutanese, Tibetan and North Eastern Cuisine loved by the ones who like experimenting with their food. The ambience benefits the theme with Tibetan prayer wheels and flags and the haunting Nepali music with Himalayan hymns “Om Mani Padme Hum” helps reinforce the illusion.


Dig into peeroaaloo, chicken dry fry and mutton momos. Peeroaaloo is a spicy Nepali aludum made by coating boiled potatoes in a chilli-garlic sauce tempered by spices like nigella and cumin. With eyes watering and tongues salivating at this fiery but delicious preparation, go further into kokratareko—diced chicken that is double fried and tossed with peppers, chillies, spring onions and crunchy peanuts. Mildly spicy and with a sharp taste, this is a must-try at Yeti. Surrendered to the pleasures of perfect half steamed half pan fried  kotheymomos almost as authentic as the ones you’d find in Darjeeling.

For the mains, Bhutanese EmaDatchi is a clear choice. The national dish of Bhutan, EmaDatchi consists of a thick hearty soup made with cheese and chillis. Silken spicy broth with a Tibetan steamed bun called Tingmo are the perfect accompaniment for the dish.

Expect to find ShamuDatsi with mushrooms, KewaDatsi with potatoes and many other styles with spinach, asparagus and other such ingredients added.

The Nepali and Tibetan thalis at Yeti are wholesome and value for money The vegetarian thakalithali  comes with peeroaaloo, black urad dal, gundruksadeko (fermented spinach), rayakosaag (mustard greens) and a paneer curry with boiled rice, pickle and papad. The platter truly encompassed the flavours of the Himalayas.

Yeti also serves some dishes from the North East likepork DohNai from Meghalaya and the pork with bamboo shoot. The pork DohNai, a dish of pork cooked in a black sesame paste you would love. The pork is fresh and flavourful with the black sesame adding a wonderful smoky taste to the meat.

For dessert you could try the red velvet cake and the banoffie pie like and don’t forget to eat the chocolate dumplings called Yomari. They are sinful.