Location Assistance

Since restaurant business is majorly site-dependent, the foremost support includes guidelines for locating a good site and checking its viability. There are also guidelines for the general terms of a lease agreement that are standard for the business model in this type of a location. Extended support includes an on-site review of any proposed site with respect to Return on Investment and direct assistance in the negotiation and execution of the lease deed.


Construction & Designing Assistance

The typical support includes detailed instructions outlining all the components that need to be ordered and assembled to build the restaurant as well as sources for each component. Support will include direct ordering and construction assistance where the franchisee has the liberty to procure the material on his own and perhaps turn-key store delivery to the new franchisee if required.MotiMahalDelux does not make a profit by selling equipment required to build a restaurant. Everything is straight passed through vendors to the Franchisee. Franchisee is at the full liberty to procure materials on their own, however, subject to standard guidelines as per MotiMahal Group specifications

Kitchen Planning Assistance

The design of restaurant kitchen and kitchen ventilation system is the backbone of any restaurant and catering business. A strong design and carefully planned layout will be outlined by our technical team taking into considering equipment positioning, menu and its flow.Once the layout is final, a complete set of working MEP (Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing) drawings shall be provided. If the franchisee opts for a bar, the complete know how shall go as mentioned above.

Staff Recruitment, Training & Audits

Trained chefs for each section are provided who are fully trained to make authentic MotiMahal food.The corporate team shall assist in hiring and training of service staff from the local city. Corporate team of chefs and managers from MotiMahal Groupwould join on the opening to assist on-site operations of the new unit to make sure of smooth operations. Staff training and back up of staff would be undisputedly a regular feature so that the operations are not hindered at any time. Periodic training and audit checks are done by our auditors on hygiene & safety practices, food quality, restaurant maintenance and other day to day activities


Licensing formalities and liaising support to procure various licenses to operate restaurant and bar.

Marketing Assistance

No business can be successful without creative advertising and an intelligent market plan. A complete marketing strategy shall be given to the franchisee for the new business that covers all activity for at least the first three months of operation. This plan (based city wise) would include start up press conference, press release, advertisement in newspapers, hoardings and fliers. Digital marketing would include loyalty programme, face book, instagram, listing on various aggregators like zomato, swiigy, magicpin, eazy diner, dine out etc.

Vendor Management

Vendor management would include identifying good quality product vendors, providing purchase specifications and negotiating purchase price keeping aligned with our MotiMahal Restaurant food quality.MotiMahal Restaurant purchasing operations is intended solely to ensure quality assurance and cost-effectiveness. Franchisees are not required to purchase any supplies from MotiMahal Group.



Planning Assistance

Menu Planning would include a properly curated menu both food and soft beverages&mocktails and liquor incase the restaurant opts to operate a bar at the premises. The pricing policy would align with existing standard restaurants in the city along with purchase price of raw materials

Procurement Assistance

Procurement of articles like crockery, cutlery, glassware, kitchen utensils, uniform, packaging material, restaurant signage, restaurant stationery, main menu and take away menus etc


Moti Mahal Software Programme

Moti Mahal Software programme is designed to give sales and purchase analysis in a simple format including bar graphs and pie charts to detailed sales report analysis. Our restaurant Material Management Stores (MMS) software enables the franchisee to keep strict control on raw material and to minimize pilferages. A well-integrated MotiMahal Loyalty programme system enables guests to earn and redeem points while dining in the restaurant.


Business Promotion

New and latest items that are invented in our company restaurants shall be updated into the existing menu. Time to time food festivals shall be organized like Biryani food festival, Kashmiri Food Waswan,Amritsari Food Festival as per market trends and requirement.