China Wall is a modern Asean bistro &Teppanyaki Grill from the House of MotiMahal Group of restaurants and best described as a trendy, modern and radical reinterpretation of Asean cuisine and offers an exceptional gastronomic experience

It showcases super innovative presentations, integrated with cutting edge contemporary cooking techniques, including the use of the latest innovations & technology used in molecular gastronomy, with MotiMahal Group of restaurants being credited for its introduction and popularization in India by AshimGujral.


From the basket of steamy dim sums to the fiery hot pots of Xinjiang, the staples of the tea house to the Beijing duck drons on the tables of China Wall. One will go tango as saucy noodles swirling with slurpy gravies sway you to the Chinese sense of experience. The Sichuan recipes are famous for its numbing spiciness and as much as it is a punch to the tongue. Focusing on modern sensory culinary techniques, molecular gastronomyadds an element of surprise to the dining experience. For those who love to explore the unexplored, the dessert line up has all the crazy items to zing up with a  modern twist. The beverage section has been given the same tender love and care as the food, applying extensive use of molecular mixology with absolute cutting edge innovation